Well-being in the world of work

Relaxation is the key to continuous good work performance. Furthermore, the ability to relax is a core competence for promoting one’s own health and well-being. Here you will find content on the topics of well-being and relaxation. 

The art of resting is a part of the art of working. Well-being and relaxation are a positive inner state for me. 
I feel calmness and balance in a relaxed posture. This means contentment and confidence. 
By balancing body and mind, well-being and relaxation have many positive effects on both my professional engagement and my personal life.

Work Healthy - Learn to recognize and deal with stress at work 

Are you often tired and feel drained after work? You don’t know how to deal with the stress? In the world of work, many factors come together that can lead to a variety of stresses. Physically as well as mentally. That’s why we provide you with resources that help you to recognize these stresses and strains and enables you to focus on your own balance again. Here you will find exciting content on relaxation techniques, the development and handling of stress and impulses. These will help you to integrate a healthy lifestyle into your daily work.