Setbacks and difficult phases are also part of the working world. Find out here how you can strengthen your inner flexibility and what strategies there are for dealing with difficult situations.  

Time Management


No matter if you are studying, self-employed or working in an office – the ability to manage your own time is becoming more and more important. With a structured way of working you can not only impress in job interviews, but in the end you’ll have more free time and are less stressed.

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Through my resilience training I have learned to listen more to my intuition and pay attention to what feels good for me. It is one of the first building blocks for my further personal development. These tools support me to keep the balance between tense and relaxed situations.

Use your inner strength - nurture and nourish your resources 

Everyone reacts differently to stress factors. So put an end to pressure, rushing and stress. But how? By learning stress management skills, resource nurturing and coping strategies as integral parts of a healthy lifestyle and way of working. Essentially, you will find here content that supports you in recognizing and using your own abilities and effectiveness. That helps you to improve your communication skills even in stressful situations. It enables you to better understand events in systemic contexts.