Health is not negotiable - Alexander W. Reitz 

I faced health as an issue already at an early age and, for me being healthy wasn’t naturally given. I learned some coping strategies, but that wasn’t enough for me. Therefore I decided to dedicate myself to health and leadership. It was my dream as a “classical” C-Level Leader to ensure healthy structures and healthy working conditions. Unfortunately, the focus and the system at that time were different. So consequently, I decided to promote health and leadership in various functions such as entrepreneur, author, lecturer, and consultant since 2014. As a Health n’Leadership Ambassador, I advocate for both „healthy people“ and „healthy organizations“ from the bottom of my heart. 

Hi, I’m Alex. Your Health n‘ Leadership ambassador.


Founding of ReitzNavigation –  
Institute for Innovative Health n‘Leadership and Sustainable Business Performance  

Lecturer at International School of Management (ISM)

Market and Opinion Research, Controlling and Value Based Management

in Master’s program: Business Psychology  


Lecturer at Hochschule für Medien, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft (HMKW): 
Business Anthropology, Occupational Health Management (OHM), Health n’Leadership in Organizations  


Senator and Member of the Senat at Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade 

Expert for Health Management and Health Leadership in the commission „Development and Skilled Worker Development“ at BWA. 

Health Management 


Member at Federal Association of Occupational Health Management 

Lecturer at Kommunales Bildungswerk e.V. (KWB):   
Occupational Health Management,  Health Promotion, Occupational Integration Management   


Member at Akademie für Potentialentfaltung under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther 

Cooperation between ReitzNavigation, HMKW and ProEntspannung for certified program: „Occupational Health Manager“   


Sahra A. Soule, Alexander Reitz & Abraham Verghese


Author at Publisher Verlag C.H.Beck oHG (est. 1753), Comment §20 SGB V Primäre Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung in: Arbeitsschutzrecht.  

Participant at “The Innovative Health Care Leader – From Design Thinking to Personal Leadership”,  Stanford – Graduate School of Business (GSB) 


Lecturer at German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DKFI), and  
Artificial Intelligence-Campus (AI-Campus) - The learning platform for artificial intelligence 

Lecturer at Steinbeis School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE),  


Author at Verlag C.H.Beck oHG (est. 1753), Occupational Safety and Health in Law and Practice (ARP), Journal of Occupational Health and Safety 

AI and Health n’Leadership-Expert at Academy for Leadership and Digital Transfer (ADI)