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We enable you and your team to integrate health as a central element in the DNA of your organization. Because healthy employees are motivated and the basis for entrepreneurial success.


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Mental and physical illnesses often arise at work and have long-term consequences for the individual, the team, the leaders, and, ultimately for the whole organization.  

Statistik mental ilness

*Source: Fehlzeiten-Report 2022, Seiten 289 und 290, Springer Verlag 

We are convinced that the working world can also be completely different – namely health-promoting. That is why it is our concern to create a working environment that focuses on people, in which they enjoy working and, above all, are healthy. They should feel good and be able to develop their potential at the same time. 


How do we achieve this?

We accompany our clients in this process with individual consulting & coaching offers and further executive and non-executive programs and trainings. With our 360° Health n’Leadership concept, we pursue a holistic approach and address all levels of an organization: because a healthy working world is created by a healthy network of the people who make up a healthy organization. For Alexander, our founder, one thing is for sure: „Health is not negotiable“.  

We are enthusiastic about the vision of a healthy working world and are working for this change. This requires personal dedication, passion, commitment and courage – these values guide us in our work and ensure that we are healthy!